How to create a Apple Developer Account

To deploy your ORDRWare Mobile App, you will need an Apple Developer Account. An Apple Developer Account allows you to have your app available on the Apple App Store.

It’s a simple enough process, and once setup your customers can start downloading your fabulous new app.

Before you can create an Apple Developer Account you need an Apple ID. This guide will show you how to set both up (if you have an Apple ID, skip step 1)

Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Click here to Create an Apple ID (Skip this step if you already have an Apple ID).

Step 2: Click here to Get a DUNS Number for your company. 
Apple require you to have a DUNS number as part of the enrolment process. This is a special identifier for your company. You can either request one or look up your existing one. 

Step 3: Click here to Enroll as an Apple Developer This is required for anybody who wants their own app on the Apple App Store.

Step 4. Complete the enrolment form as an organisation. During this process you will be asked to pay Apple’s enrolment fee.

Step 5. When you have logged in, you will receive a screen as per the below. You now need to add us into your account so we can upload your app. Please click “People” as shown by the blue arrow.

Step 6 Click invite people as shown by the blue arrow

Step 7 Add our email addresses here, “”

Step 9
Log into App Store Connect

Click Users & Roles

Add the username we provided, ensure “Admin” is selected then press “invite”

Congratulations, you have setup your Apple Developer Account with us!

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